Sunday, March 20, 2011

Slideshow 8/3

Alec Soth - Niagra series.
- looking at niagra as a wedding destination
- very gentle and ironic - very contempory, not theatrical or dramatic.
- observing. leaving the viewer to make up their own mind of the place.

Bert Teunissen - domestic interiors.
- series of images (mostly in southern europe) looking at the way in which people present their houses.
- looking at memoriabilia etc.
- amazing use of natural light.

Bill Owens. - Suburbia
- 1970's America.
- talks to people etc + gives subjects the oppertunity to make a comment.
- its a critique

Edward Burtynsky
- high angles, almost a gods eye view.
- images of quarries
- monumental scale
- textural elements
- modernist out of the modern era
- beautiful images of disturbing things
- is he critiquing, or is he mutual? - is he just an observer or does he have an agenda?

Gregory Crewdson
- theatre. complete constructions.
- very cinematic and dramatic. from smalltown american cities etc. very surreal. whole film crew is needed for the shoots.

Harriet Logan - woman under the teleban

Sandy Sorlien -
50 states. 50 houses.
- a travelling project of 'house portraits'. one photo from each state to summarise each state in a house.
- shot in infared.

Simon Roberts - the russian riveria

Tom Paiva - Industrial night.
- LA. long exposures
- looking at non spaces - unresolved town places.

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