Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lecture/slideshow 1

As a race we are - obsessed with nature
- attached to the land each in different ways, levels etc..

land - passive

John Buchannen,

Christopher Perkins,

Bill Sutton,

Rita Angus,

Colin McKahn,

These art references have played a huge influience on photographers of today.

Lawrence Aberheart. 8x10 images. bright colours, soft edges, amazing images of the taranaki region.

John Johns. - New Zealand forest service photographer.
- beautiful romantic far reaching images + pretty and decorative. sensitivity to

Marc Adams - working with Ngai Tahu. looking at post colonial settlement.

NZ eco tourism - Sameshima
Bold Centuries book, looks at ideas on prehistory, geological timeframe, immigration, biculturalism, land wars and post modernism.

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