Sunday, March 20, 2011

Slideshow 2. Contemporary Precidents

Larry Sultan
- pictures from home.
- amazingly beautiful images of Larry Sultans parents, once his father had moved into retirement. project that spanned a decade.

Taryn Simon - post 2005 Tsunami - photos + additional small interviews

MAISARA - Just outside Banda Aceh. She had led a comfortable life with her husband and three daughters. She was rescued by a Javanese policeman

JALOE - In the Aceh River. He survived by turning his boat into the waves, as his grandfather taught him to do many years before.

Stephen Smith
- new topographic style
- documentation of subdivision under the surface
- B/W

Border film project
- photos from migrants + minutemen on the US/Mexico border.
- Juxtapositions - people trying to go in/people trying to stop them.
- disposable cameras were given to both parties to take photos as they do what they do.

GOOD PHOTOGRAPHS ARE ABOUT SOMETHING - sense of conveying information

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