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Film research - rollei ortho 25


Extremely high resolving power, suited for general graphic purposesThe ROLLEI ORTHO 25 is a technical, steeply working monochrome photographic film with a nominal sensitivity of ISO 25/15°. The ROLLEI ORTHO 25 is characterized by a high sensitivity reserve of up to two f-stops, depending upon development. The document emulsion offers offers an extraordinary sharpness extreme fine grain. The ROLLEI ORTHO 25 is suitable very well for technical-scientific applications and as a half-tone film in the pictorial photography. The highly clear transparent PET substrate opens the possibility of application as b&w slide film also.

Technical – scientific application

For reproductions, radiographic reproductions, astro photography, black-and-white and blue slide, for graphic distancing. Particularly for this application we recommend the LP-DOCUFINE HC developer (1+5, 3-5 min.).

Half-tone film in the pictorial photography

With highest requirements in terms of sharpness and extreme fine grain, the ROLLEI ORTHO 25 offers excellent results in combination with the fine grain balance developer ROLLEI HIGH SPEED (LP SUPERGRAIN). The ROLLEI ORTHO 25 in combination with the ROLLEI LOW SPEED developer, has an legendary call of CONTRAST which b&w developers can compile. The results remind of qualities obtained by the famous Technical Pan film. The comparable steep gradation is bent by this special developer. Extreme fine grain structures and highest sharpness connected with detailled gray tones, can be reached in such a way.

The ORTHO 25 in combination with the ROLLEI LOW CONTRAST developer has compiled itself a legendary call. These results remind of the quality of technical pan-Filme. The comparatively steep gradation is bent by this special developer. Extreme fine graininess and highest sharpness connected with detailled grey tones are reached in such a way.


- orthochromatic sensitised with low speed ISO 25/15; - spectral sensitvity 380 – 610nm; - special coating for an improvement of the transport properties of the cameras; - suitable for daylight and tungsten; - polyester base support guarantees the highest level of archive stability (LE 500); - excellent resolving power of 330 lines/mm - extreme fine grain and highest sharpness, as a base for negatives with an excellent qualityh; - with “non-curling” backside coating to improve flatness; - especially suited for digital application for scanner;

Film base: Layer - emulsion side: - back: Exposure index :

Characteristic diagram:


35mm and rollfilm polyester, 100μm, crystal clear; sheet film, 175μm, crystal clear

emulsion coating orthocromatic sensitized, antihalation coating NC “non-curling“ coating ISO 25/15°

It is recommend not to leave the film material exposed into direct sunlight, strong heat or relative high humidity. - unexposed film: Up to 24 months in cold storage by 8°C is recommend - exposed film: After exposure, please keep film in cold condition, processing as soon as possible is recommend


The ROLLEI ORTHO 25 needs strong chemistry, because the silver content of about 9g/m2 is very fastidious in relation to processing chemistry.

Highly recommended are the following developers: Application Pictorial use for high contrasts

The development time chart can be found in the internet under

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