Monday, March 21, 2011

Film research - rollei pan 25


Outstanding resolution, sharpness and edge contrast.The ROLLEI PAN 25 is a panchromatic sensitised black & white film with low speed ISO 25/15°. Besides the excellent fine-grain this film has a very good resolving power and a high edge sharpness. The ROLLEI PAN 25 is characterised by a high sensitivity reserve of one f- stop, depending upon development. The thin-section document-emulsion is poured onto a highly transparent base and offers an extraordinary sharpness, with finest grain.

The ROLLEI PAN 25 achieves highest image quality with using very large scales of magnification. The glass-clear material of the PET support makes the material suitable for use as B+W slide film.


- panchromatic sensitised with low speed ISO 25/15; - special coating for an improvement of the transport properties of the cameras; - suitable for daylight and tungsten; - polyester base support guarantees the highest level of archive stability (LE 500); - spectral sensitization 400 – 650nm; - very fine grain and high sharpness as a base for negatives with an excellent quality; - with “non-curling” backside coating to improve flatness; - especially suited for digital application for scanner;

Film base:

Layer - emulsion side: - back: Exposure index :

Caracteristic diagram:


35mm and rollfilm polyester, 100μm, crystal clear

emulsion coating, antihalation coating NC “non-curling“ coating ISO 25/15°

It is recommend not to leave the film material exposed into direct sunlight, strong heat or relative high humidity. - unexposed film: Up to 24 months in cold storage by 8° C is recommend - exposed film: After exposure, please keep film in cold condition, processing as soon as possible is recommend


The ROLLEI PAN 25 must be processed in complete darkness. It can be developed succesfully in all standard. developers such as AGFA, ILFORD, KODAK, LABOR PARTNER or TETENAL. To achieve optimal results, a test development is recommended in order to obtain the correct development times and temperatures. By using other developers - not tested by MACO - decreases of quality can be expected showing rough grain structures and low sensitivity.

Highly recommended are the following developers: Application Developer Pictorial use, standard ROLLEI RHS Pictorial use, extremly fine grain unsurpassed tonal range ROLLEI RLS

The development time chart can be found in the internet under


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