Sunday, March 20, 2011

Concept 1

Looking at place and memory.

Creating the perfect landscape image - a play on the truth of photography in the 21st century.
Looking at the ideologies of romantic landscape paintings where there was no truth in the paintings. Artists could paint what they want to see, not what was necessarily there in the first place.
- Utilising their artistic liscence.
- Im looking at fully constructing landscapes utilising common land icons/well known places and digitally make the image look and feel as if it is a real place - posing strong questions over the authenticity of the photographic media.
- In a way painting with components from multiple photographs.

Looking at the works of Beate Gutschow -

These images are built composites, each with 30 to 100 different images in each. Very utopian looking images with very high attention to detail.

- creating a perfect surreal image of a non existant place
- using items that draw emotion to people/items that people see every day and can relate to - making it obvious that the images are montages, but then in contrast looking so real that it leaves the viewer confused. ie street signs we see everyday, buildings we all know (bell tower at massey), etc... commodities...

- look at time? parts of the image spanning a vast timeline?

Create an emphasis on depth of field,
- everything in sharp focus...
- depth of field constructed to replicate a camera? focus point then blurring out from that?..or
- all random?

Looking at images from Stephen Tamiesie,
The surreal aesthetic. These images have an amazing aesthetic. Although they are just straight photographs of a retirement village, they have an amazing surreal feel. They look to perfect to exist.

- this aesthetic could be applied to my montage images as they will be created to be extremely surreal.

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